Complete package of sterilized products – Defense Corona virus 1

Refer to the corona virus is spreading faster and faster all over the world,more and more people know that protecting themselve is protecting the other what you love arround you.So the mask and sanitizer product is very popular day after day. Today Let’s discuss the package solutions for one of sanitizer product: hand sanitizer(freely [...]

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How to win the battle of COVID-19 Virus

Article: surgical mask and 75% Alcohol disinfectant packaging machines to defeat COVID-19 2020 This special year has been doomed to extraordinary since January. Since January 20, Wuhan, China has experienced a closed city which is never happened this before, and the Chinese people have experienced a New Year which is different than before. Staying at [...]

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Perfect Paper Tube Package Solution

In 2018,we do many package service solution for paper core manufacturer.And the customer like this service very much as it save their time to search so many different package material and they don’t know how to choose also.Some new package can producer never know the popular package can is the client favorate.So they are [...]

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How to cut the paper tube in beauty edge?

If you are the paper core paper tube manufacture,you should meet this type problem in your production.It will happen some reject product usually.Like in cutting edge,in curling edge or in outer curling etc.Today Let’s talk about the cutting edge here. Every one like the beauty thing,So the consumer do.When you see the perfect [...]

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Cosmetic paper tube Production process

With the development of the paper can packaging industry, the production process of paper cans is also diversified. Through the diversified paper can making process, the innovative paper can packaging can be created and can have a place in the market. At present, paper can packaging has been widely used in food, gifts, electronic [...]

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Do you know paper tube process?

Do you know paper tube process machine? With the development of society, the usage of paper cans has become more and more widespread, and the market demand has been heating up. It has been widely used in many industries such as food, cosmetics, electronic products, children's toys and gifts. The reason why paper cans [...]

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The Production work flow for paper tube making

Paper can making process Introduction As a supplier of professional packaging machinery for paper cans, we often come into contact with factories that make paper cans, so we are often asked by the same type of customers how to start making paper cans. I have long wanted to write an article about the [...]

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Importance of Good sealing potato chips paper aluminum can

How to seal good potato chips paper aluminum can? Potato chips contain a lot of oils that are easily oxidized, so the oxygen content around them should be low. Otherwise, the potato chips are prone to problems such as halal smell, which affects product quality. This paper analyzes how to choose the machinery [...]

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How to start potato chips small project in short time?

July will be going soon.Busy June and July month,then finally,I have time to write the article for potato chips package project. In June and July,we export two sets production lines for potato chips paper tube package machine. One to Estonia.One is to Australia. Maybe you are looking for the potato chips making [...]

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Industrial paper tube is developing in the direction of multi-function

As people's awareness of environmental protection and health increase, the demand for industrial paper tubes is also increasing. Industrial paper tube adapts to the development needs of green packaging and also solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by packaging waste. Can undertake a variety of food packaging tasks, in the future there will [...]

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