Common Faults and Solutions of labeler

In modern society, labeling machines include semi-automatic labeler,table top labeler or fully automatic labeler, and are used more and more widely. According to the shape of the attached products, they are divided into plane labeling machines, round bottle labeling machines, or collectively labeling labeling machines. The labeling machine has been used for a long time and some failure problems have also occurred. The common summary is as follows:

big barrel labeling machinelabels rolls

Problem 1: The bottom paper breaks

Phenomenon: Breakage of the label base during labeling

Causes: There are three key factors, namely the quality of the bottom paper, traction scratches, and label adhesion.


1.1 Check if there is any damage to the backing paper, require the label supplier to control the die cut depth, not cut the paper, and use the glassine paper.

1.2 Check the progress of the label, whether there is a scratch condition, if there is to adjust the mechanism.

1.3 When checking the labeling, do not stick to the well-labeled product. If there is a need to control the length of the label.

Problem 2: Labels Standard moving deviation

Phenomenon: Labeling accuracy worse than required

Causes: Labeling accuracy and labeling accuracy, stripe deviation, tape orientation, parallelism of product transport, traction wheel slipping, product positioning detection inaccurate, labels not affixed to the product along with the overlay label roller, and other factors.


2.1 Take the lead away, relax the traction mechanism, pull the label back and forth, and let it go automatically. After the label is straight down, clamp the limit rings on both sides and align the labels.

2.2 The direction of the band is not parallel to the product conveying direction. Parallelism can be achieved by adjusting the inclination of the labeling head.

2.3 The traction wheel slips, the traction wheel wears, and the traction wheel lock screw looses. There are two reasons why the traction wheel locking screw can be tightened.

2.4 Product Errors. During the production process, the dimensional stability of the edge can cause labeling deviations and control the quality of the product.

Problem 3: Continuous labels feeding

Phenomenon: Two or more consecutive labels

Cause: The sensitivity of the electro-optic detection is disordered


3.1 Adjust the sensitivity. For the adjustment method, refer to the Long Hai Huanyu product specification.

3.2 If the adjustment sensitivity is not enough, please replace it with the manufacturer.

3.3 Check whether the band is deflected. Adjust the electric eye to the detection position before and after.

Problem 4: Relaxation of the bottom paper at the stripping plate

Phenomenon: When the label is peeled off, the bottom paper is not tightened enough

Reason: The normal strength of traction is not enough


4.1 Check whether the traction speed is too low, if it is, then increase the traction speed can be solved.

4.2 Check whether the traction mechanism is slipping, if tighten the locking screw of the traction roller.

4.3 Check if the drive belt behind the receiving shaft is broken. If it is, replace it.

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