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Refer to the corona virus is spreading faster and faster all over the world,more and more people know that protecting themselve is protecting the other what you love arround you.So the mask and sanitizer product is very popular day after day.

Today Let’s discuss the package solutions for one of sanitizer product: hand sanitizer(freely washing and 70% acohol liquid).With 10years package experience,we honestly want to give timely and perfect package solutions to help disinfectant manufacture to defeat the virus.

Firstly,you have to prepare the ethanol production raw material then mixing them in the pot with heating and stirring by water and other chemical material in one percentage.

Secondly,you have to buy the package bottles and caps and labels rolls.

100ML alcohol liquid bottle 100ML alcohol liquid bottle hand sanitizer label rolls

Thirdly,you have to check the Spray pump plastic bottle packaging machines when you confirm the bottle shape.There are two different types machines according to different capacity.

1)Semi auto packaging machines includes liquid filling machine fully pneumatic,semi auto capper,semi auto labels applicator.These machines need three workers to operate seperately.The capacity can do 600-800pcs per hour.

2)Fully auto packaging machines includes complete production line from auto bottle unscrambler,auto filling machine,auto capping machine,auto labeling machine and date printer etc.

It needs 2workers to operate this line.One worker put the empty bottle on to the conveyor,the other work will pack the filled bottles into carton box or carton tray.

Above machines is only for hand sanitizer filling capping labeling machines.It will need the other packaging machines to pack the bottles like carton boxing machine,sleeve L type cutting and shrinking machine for the carton trays.For more details you can follow us in our youtube channel(Lilar Wu).We will upload the new videos when we finished the machine in factory.

In the last,we sincerely hope the people all arround the world can get away from this virus as soon as possible.It needs all of us work hard.Just stay at home for 14days firstly and wear the mask when you have to go shopping for food or go to the doctor.And take one bottle of hand sanitizer or 75% ethanol alcohol in your bag is very necessary.When you have to attach something outside,pls remember to sterilize in time after you finish it.

Sincerely, BKPACK Team!

Author: Lilar from Bkpack (Lilar’s Google+)
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