Cosmetic paper tube Production process

With the development of the paper can packaging industry, the production process of paper cans is also diversified. Through the diversified paper can making process, the innovative paper can packaging can be created and can have a place in the market.

paper core

At present, paper can packaging has been widely used in food, gifts, electronic products, cosmetics, toys and many other industries. Different styles of paper cans can be produced by adopting different manufacturing processes, such as crimping, flanging, flat bottom cover, etc., to meet the market demand of more industries. BKPACK SOURCE ENTERPRISE COMPANY develop the curling machine, gluing machine, labeling machine and paper tube cutting machine can meet the rapid adjustment of paper cans of different diameters. It has effectively improved the dilemma of many proofing specifications in the paper can production factory and the simplification of production specifications.

paper tube curling perfect result

Nowadays, the demand for paper can packaging market is heating up, not only in the food industry, but also in the application of paper cans in the field of luxury goods and gifts. Paper cans are not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also can use fashion elements such as bronzing, UV, hollowing, bump, and laminating, and with the details of the process of curling and fine cutting, and launch innovative paper cans that keep up with the trend of the times. Speaking, paper cans are suitable for the packaging of high-end gifts and cosmetics. The automatic paper tube cutting machine produced by BKPACK SOURCE ENTERPRISE COMPANY can be equipped with multi-standard, multi-abrasive tools and automatic push-out from equipment. Produce high-precision, more refined paper cans for paper cans and save labors too.

Carboard tubes labeling machine

In China, the application of cosmetic paper cans is not obvious, but in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, South America, the application of cosmetic paper cans is relatively mature, and the flat-bottomed flat cover process is used to highlight the quality of cosmetics, so that it can achieve high beauty and achieve vision. The purpose of marketing is to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy.

As a green packaging, paper cans have great competitiveness in the future market. At present, many industries are also trying to transform and adopt innovative paper can packaging to enhance brand value and bring more benefits to enterprises.

BKPACK SOURCE ENTERPRISE COMPANY provides you with a complete set of paper can making equipment, and can change the mechanical model according to the actual needs of the paper can factory, and become a specialized supply station for the paper can factory machinery, which has been highly praised by the professional.

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