Daily maintenance of the can sealing machine

Daily maintenance of the can sealing machine

Cans sealing machine is suitable for non-gas beverage cans of beer and beverage industry, filling and sealing, it is in the digestion and absorption of advanced domestic and foreign beer cans filling and sealing machine independently developed on the basis of non-gas cans filling and can sealing unit.

The filling and sealing can be designed as a whole, and the power of the filling system can be provided by the sealing system to ensure the absolute synchronization and coordination between them.

Adopted the most advanced mechanical, electrical, pneumatic control technology, using the principle of isobaric infuse outfit, filling speed, and less stable after filling liquid surface material loss, good sealing quality, smooth operation, modeling elegant appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, production speed frequency control of motor speed, etc.

Daily maintenance of the can sealing machine:

1), cans sealing machine to adjust the distance between the coil and the pressure head: loosen the pot tray on the bottom guide shaft (screw) for cap, rotating coil, it is base point with between the pressure head contact with the lid, then rotate the pot tray up 2 — 3 mm, will prepare cap fastening.

2), adjust the distance between the head and the sealing wheels: first adjust the pressure head and about the distance between the first line of the seal round, with the 0.5 mm distance between sealing roller and pressure head as a benchmark, pressure head and the sealing is not rubbing against each other, distance as small as possible.

Adjust the upper and lower distance between the pressure head and the first sealing wheel, and the minimum clearance between the lower end of the sealing wheel and the end of the pressure head shall be the minimum.

The distance between the head and the second seal wheel is adjusted in the same way.

3), the gap between the pressure head and the sealing wheel of the can sealing machine can be adjusted according to the hardness of the lid.

The iron cover can be moved closer.

The aluminum cover can be adjusted further. After the adjustment, the fixed screw is locked, and the test seal is 2—- -3. After the inspection meets the standard, it can work continuously.

4), replace the tank type with the size of the cover and replace the head and the tray.

5), mechanical maintenance: the motor must not be missing phase, the gear drive part is added each month with lithium base lube, motor main shaft operation and the tank plate does not lift, adjust or replace the triangle belt.

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