Do you know paper tube process?

Do you know paper tube process machine?

With the development of society, the usage of paper cans has become more and more widespread, and the market demand has been heating up. It has been widely used in many industries such as food, cosmetics, electronic products, children’s toys and gifts. The reason why paper cans occupy a certain market share is inseparable from the rigorous production process of paper cans.

Paper tube manufacturing processing in factory

Paper cans are made of paper as the main raw material.They are not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also have beautiful packaging and printing, which can achieve good display effects and attract consumers’ attention. The structure of the paper can has a variety of structures, such as inner/outer crimping, inner jacket ferrule assembly, opening and threading, window opening and the like. Paper cans have some differences in the manufacturing process depending on their structure.

According to the structure of the paper tank, the paper can can be divided into the upper cover, the lower body, the outer sleeve, the inner core, the outer cylinder, the middle cylinder, the inner cylinder and the like, but no matter what the structure of the paper can, the production process is indispensable. Coiled pipe, wet cutting, drying, heat sealing, labeling, curling, carbon caps gluing, quality inspection, assembly, packing and other links.

paper tube factory manufacture processing flow chart

At present, the more popular paper can making process in China is the crimping process,

while the more popular paper can making process in foreign countries is the flat bottom cover process. Compared with the two processes, the flat-bottom flat cover process looks taller and the paper cans are exquisite and beautiful. Since the production process is mainly done manually, the cost is relatively high, and it is often used for packaging of cosmetics, electronic products, and high-end gifts. The hemming process is mainly done by the machine, and the corresponding cost will be lower. Currently, it is mainly used in the food packaging industry.

No matter which kind of paper can making process, it has its own advantages and characteristics.

You can select the required production process according to industry demand, product characteristics, cost budget, etc., adapt to market demand and create greater value for the enterprise.

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