Food packaging trends

Food paper packaging is generally used in paper boxes, paper bags, paper tubes and so on.

In  restaurants, the “pack” of food is a piece of paper.

Paper bags make up the largest proportion of all kinds of wrapping paper, and the second one is paper disposable containers, such as paper cups or meal boxes.

The third place is beverage packaging, all kinds of fruit juice, milk and other food packaging are also widely used paper POTS.

In addition, paper packaging is also used in the packaging of all kinds of delicacies, snacks and snacks.

In countries such as Germany in paper food more usage of our country is big, also some countries in Europe have some paper packaging can be recycled after use, the development of  food with a paper mainly experienced three stages: the first stage is before world war ii, the paper packaging production at lower levels, poor quality, production is low.

The second stage is from the 1950s to the 1960s. With the improvement of technology, the quality of paper has been greatly improved, and the packaging improvement work of “paper-based wood” has been realized.

The third stage is the late 60 s and 70 s, the quality of the paper basic to the degree to which can replace the horse mouth aluminum cans, with the development of disposable tableware, paper cups, paper plates and greatly promoted the progress of paper food packaging market.

At present, in  countries, the development direction of paper food packaging materials is to develop and produce multi-functional paper products.

Performance in moisture-proof, fresh, warm, water, sterilization, anti-corrosion (anti-oxidation) water resistance, acid resistance, oil, deodorization and other functions.

Europe’s high-quality, well-designed, versatile food sales paper packaging is worthy of our study and reference.

With the integration of the world economy, relevant industries in China should learn as soon as possible, absorb advanced foreign technology and experience, and make the paper in our country more brilliant in the field of food packaging.


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