Glass Jar food Packaging Production Process Introductions

Usually I am asked by customer about this question: what is the normal working production process in food factory, need hot filling or not? How to sterilize?and  How to choose the machine for better production?

Focus on screw cap And other issues, today I will illustrate some of the food industry working production processing in my customer factory before. I hope it can give some suggestions to your production plant.

In the conventional food factory, the packaging of materials sterilization, packaging production process is the most critical step. As the packaging material is not heat-resistant, can only use chemical reagents for sterilization, to ensure that the glass bottles and caps are effectively sterilized, and can not let the chemical reagents affect the material, aseptic filling to take the following measures: Bubble bottle of the original number of colonies does not exceed 5cf / bottle; transport bottles using sterile air, air conveyor belt; bottle interior using peracetic acid disinfectant (PAA) for sterilization, can achieve high sterilization effect (up to 7log ); At the same time on the outside of the glass bottle disinfectant disinfection; disinfectant with automatic recovery and concentration determination system to ensure that the concentration of disinfectant stability; with sterile water in the bottle of disinfectant rinse, and then sterile air drying , To ensure that residual disinfectant will not have an impact on the material; caps generally sterilant sterilization sterilization, by controlling the immersion time can be a good guarantee of sterilization effect.
As the cold filling after the bottle will not shrink, so there will be between the material and the cap – part of the air, which will slowly oxidize the material in the storage process, resulting in deterioration of the beverage. Therefore, the automatic vacuum glass bottle capping machine equipment will add a set of nitrogen (or other inert gas) replacement system, the top of the air blown to ensure that the material is not oxidized.
Sterile space environment to maintain, generally used to clean up the isolation measures. The main capping machine is designed for D100 air purification room, there are 10,000 clean room (some aseptic filling equipment does not need), through the purification between the filtration system to ensure that the filling environment of air cleanliness, so that the material will not The secondary pollution of the suspended microorganisms in the air.
For the neutral beverage can not use the hot filling process for production, because of its use of inverted bottle caps for sterilization, high acid drinks can also inhibit microbial growth, while the neutral beverage can not guarantee product safety, product defect rate is high The If you use hot filling process to produce neutral tea drinks, you must add preservatives. For the automatic vacuum glass bottle capping machine, because it is in the aseptic conditions from the two process flow chart comparison, the biggest difference is that the beverage heating time is different. As we all know, the longer the heat treatment time, the greater the quality and taste of the beverage. Automatic steam vacuum glass bottle capping machine using ultra-high temperature steam instantaneous sterilization, the material heat treatment time of not more than 30 seconds, and in high temperature conditions can guarantee the bactericidal effect, and hot filling the use of sterilization method for a long time In the high temperature state, a serious impact on product taste, color and heat-sensitive nutrients (such as vitamins) content. And lead to food containing some chemical test machine, for the requirements of pure natural food manufacturers this method does not apply.
In addition, from the production line configuration point of view, when the capping machine is failure elbow, the use of hot filling method to deal with the material – part of the return will extend the heating time, which will seriously affect the quality of the whole batch of products, Machine will not have this phenomenon, the material after instantaneous sterilization has been reduced to room temperature, placed in the sterile tank will not affect its quality.
Comparison of packaging glass bottles used. From the above filling process can be seen, the two filling the bottle requirements are different. The hot filling process requires that the bottle be able to withstand a high temperature of 85 ° C to 92 ° C and does not change, which requires increasing the crystallinity of the material and limiting the induced stress during blowing. The use of the bottle has the following characteristics: bottle wall thickness, a clear wall of the wall to prevent heat shrinkage; require a crystal bottle mouth, etc., greatly limits the degree of freedom of the bottle design. The glass bottle capping machine can use a light bottle (maximum heat-resistant temperature of 60 ° C) and a standard cover, which greatly reduces the cost of the bottle and lid, and is free to choose the bottle type. Under the filling, the process adaptability, can produce a wide range of products, including neutral tea drinks, milk drinks and other beverages, only the pre-treatment equipment can be adjusted to change the product type.

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