How to cut the paper tube in beauty edge?

If you are the paper core paper tube manufacture,you should meet this type problem in your production.It will happen some reject product usually.Like in cutting edge,in curling edge or in outer curling etc.Today Let’s talk about the cutting edge here.

Rag paper core

Every one like the beauty thing,So the consumer do.When you see the perfect and delicate product in supermarket.You should be satified with its shape and beauty appereance.Then You want to buy it even no usage at recently.Maybe you think: Just put it in my box as exhibit for good mooding or you can send it to your frend as a gift.

To be a beauty product,It need to control all processing when making carefully.

Last year,one customer from European,he is the professional paper tube supplier for 10years in his country.We meet in Guangzhou and talk about many for production of paper tubes.He told me by now,he is very worried about the paper tube edge.Because,He have to take 2-3workers to check the rags after cutting.It is wasty labour cost and can’t seal well in other machine.He is using the single blade cutting machine in his factory now.We sugguest he can change that cutting machine.Then all is solved.We show this ten blades auto cutting machine to him and show the operation steps.He said,wahoo,so easy and very usefully for him.They he buy 3sets at once.

This is the operation video of the machine.We share here for you.Hope it can give any good advice for your production depart there.

It can cut many times and adjust the cutting time freely when cutting different thickness paper tube.And after cutting,it will auto feed out the paper tube also.Save labor and can adjust the cutting time so it never have any rags in edge after cutting.

Paper core auto Blades cutter 

One more important point is you have to keep your blades in sharp satus when use to cut.You can sharp the cutting blade in this machine:

This machine can sharppen the circular blade cutter in max 300MM diameter blade.Easy operation but high efficiency.

Thanks for your looking.Regards.

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