How to fill the high viscosity special the solid product like vaseline,wax,hot melt adhesive glue?

Why the ordinary filling machine is not suitable to fill Hot melt adhesive glue material?


1-can’t move freely by piston cylinder

2-high viscosity,easy stick to the cylinder

3-heat the filling hopper but freezing in the pipe

4-difficult to clean when maintance

5-easy hurt the cylinder then big filling error

6-high cost in spare part changed in short time.


By now,we creative a good filling type to make above problem so easy.

A-Add the heaters in hopper and pipe arround


B-match the stainless steal rolls with motors to save labor cost

C-Easy clean in maintance.Just open the valve then all parts seperated


D-Descrease the length of material cylinder,make the big filling head diameter to fill fast and never freezing

F-Simple adjustable in using.All actions can be changed in botton and touch screen of PLC.


If you want to know more for your product,pls send me your product information:

1-your containers pictures

2-Filling range you need

3-Filling capacity

4-Your material melting point degree

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