How to pack Covid-19 Viral test box?

—–Covid-19 Viral test packaging machine for Nucleic acid checking up

The people all around the world are almost in fear of corona virus since 2019.And if somewhere happen one case corona virus then the people arround him/her sometime almost the whole city have to check virus soon.If went to the place where the corona virus attached,you have to make 3-5times virus checkup.This will request a lot of the needs for corona virus checking product.But we have to do because this virus checkup can stop the virus expanding well.So we post this viral test package machine artical to help more people to know this process.

If you are pharmacy company who supply this corona viral test product,then you will be very lucky to find this article which will tell you how to pack viral test product.I will take some sample for this virus package process which already using in our customer factory.We are from China and meets so much needs of viral test every day.

First of all,let me tell you,what is the cosist of viral test box?It will be like this:

After the nurse take the sample from us,they will take these samples to hospital laboratory,Then viral test tubes will be used in this time.

This viral test tube have several tubes shape according to different company supply.But all of them are very small volume.And only fill 0.1-2ML small dosage test liquid inside.Then seal with aluminum cover or screw with caps.

In 2020,we develop several different package solutions for different shape test tubes.

Here we take some sample cases for you:

1)Screw caps for 2ML PP plastic tube.This tube only screw out the caps then it can use directly when test the sample virus

There are two choice for filling section.One is semi auto with several nozzles,One is fully auto with capping together machine.

Semi auto viral test tube filling machine by ceramic pump;

Fully auto viral test tube filling and capping machine

Tabletop type fully automatic vials filling and capping machine

2)Plastic pressed caps with aluminum cover seals in 2ML PET plastic tube:

This tube filling section can be same with option 1 but the top aluminum seal cover have to use different machines.So just in sealing,there are semi auto and fully auto two choices too:

Semi auto with 40-90pcs in mould tray,400-700pcs per min;

It will need to put the tubes into tray moulds by manual and use the piece film which match the mould tray size well then fast seal in the machine.

Fully auto rotary with single station tube heat sealing in 1500pcs per hour speed.

And you can put the tube into rotary mould one by one.And at the same time,the sealing system will seal the tube automatic one by one too.And it is only from aluminum rolls film directly.

Above is the samples package solutions for Virus sampling tube packaging machine for Nucleic acid testing.We already export the similar solution machines to USA,France and Canada etc and widely used in China pharmacy company.

Hope it can give any usefull news for your company viral test products package too.

We would like to express our most respectful thanks to Covid-19 medical professionals around the world. Thanksful for all of you, then we can keep safe and healthy! We hope that we can help more pharmaceutical companies provide the highest quality and fastest nucleic acid testing supplies, and solve the supply of medical supplies to the greatest extent.

Thanks for your reading time.

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