How to start electronic cigerattes project fast-No problem in package cost

In the old cigerrate market, the old in rolls cigerrate is bad for our healthy.The most of people change Electronic cigerrate instead of old smoking type.

Then most of supplier want to open this big market and built a new product which can discrease the hurt to our body.


But how to start this project fast?Let’s talk about this step by step.

1-Confirmed your cigerrate oil construction with your professional engineer.

2-Choose the package eg bottles,caps and labels and smoking equipment shape.

3-Consider casefully with the packing machine to consider which bottle is most suitable for you.

4-Product when you get machine and test if they can arrived your capacity.

Now share other electronic cigerette company package product here:

A-ICE liquid oil in four different tasty but in same size bottle and label.Just fill different material and label different logo.These four types bottle can fnished package in one filling and capping labeling line.It will save cost and give customer different tasty.

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Rosted glass bottle/ glass dropper plastic screw cap

B- FLASH BANG Operation Apple Drop”tick rolls bottle in small size”


C- SMOK Brit One Mini fish cigerattes oil and equipment


D-5ML e lquid plastic bottle with inner plug for PLY ROCK.

Easy to take when you are in trip.And but for this two type bottles,they have to change the part if you want to fill them in same machine.


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Ciggerrates oil unscrambling filling capping labeling complete line

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