How to start potato chips small project in short time?

July will be going soon.Busy June and July month,then finally,I have time to write the article for potato chips package project.

In June and July,we export two sets production lines for potato chips paper tube package machine.

One to Estonia.One is to Australia.

Maybe you are looking for the potato chips making machine to start the business.

Maybe you want to know packaging machines solutions for your beauty potato chips.

Just pls check the following information to get answers and make it more clearly.

Potao chips or stick is the popular delicious snakker in the world.

It has many brand like pringles,jacker which is famous.They sales the paper tube in suppermarket usually.

But sometimes,it also happen some chips turn wet and not so crisp when the chips into paper tube.


Because they didn’t seal enough tight in their production line.

Let’s talk about how to seal it well,never wet today here.

Firstly,you should buy the good quality package material like paper tube specially matched aluminum paper lids and Metal lids.

If you are starting to this new project,you can buy the finished paper tube with bottom lids sealed and logo labels.This sealing result must be controlled by tubes supplier.You can ask them to show the sealing rate of the sealed can.

Secondly,you can buy the paper tube film sealing machine.The film should be piece type film sealing because it will give your perfect sealing without too much edge.

Potato chips Potato chips with sealed film BKAS-450P Potato chips paper tube aluminum film sealing machine

Thirdly,you should put the plastic cover pressed on the tube by manual or by the machine.

Plastic cover pressing machine is not too much important.Just keep it can press in right size,never shape changed.

At last,you can start to make your first potato chips cans.

Work steps:

1-Buy the potato chips or sticks from food processing factory in your formulation.

2-Prepare the package material like paper tube,metal caps,aluminum paper lids,plastic cover.

3-Put the chips or stick into tube by manually carefully as it may be broken into piece suddenly.

4-Sealed the aluminum paper lids by semi auto or fully auto film sealing machine

5-Pressed the plastic cover by manual or by pressing machine.

Sometime,you also need to buy the expired date printer too.

This is the simple work flow for potato chips small project.

For big quanity potato chips can package,there will be some different as high capacity.

In the future,I will record the bigh quanity potato chips to share here.

Hope you can care me  all the time and get any usage in our production.

Author: Lilar from Bkpack (Lilar’s Google+)
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