How to win the battle of COVID-19 Virus

Article: surgical mask and 75% Alcohol disinfectant packaging machines to defeat COVID-19

2020 This special year has been doomed to extraordinary since January. Since January 20, Wuhan, China has experienced a closed city which is never happened this before, and the Chinese people have experienced a New Year which is different than before. Staying at home, postponing one month’s work, In 5,000-year-old country,we live the quietest two months which is never existing before.

After a number of strict inspections and tests, on February 24, 2020, Bkpackgroup company finally resumed work. Our domestic customers have gradually entered the stage of resumption of production. For those factories that provide the necessary supplies for epidemic prevention, such as masks, hand soap, disinfectant and other factories, we have caught up with the fastest wave of speed and supplied them at the same price for the packaging equipment they produce, such as

surgical mask spot welder, KN95 mask ultrasonic edge banding machine, surgical mask pillow packaging machine, disinfectant, hand sanitizer gel filling machine, disinfectant, hand soap capping machine,Disposable rinse, disinfectant, hand sanitizer labeling machine etc antiepidemic packaging machines.

After an urgent and orderly busy month to March, we heard that our foreign customers, especially customers in EU countries,they were entering the outbreak of COVID-19 virus. The daily diagnosis data increased, and we are following scared too. China is getting better every day. Why is the virus spreading all over the world? What makes this virus spread everywhere? Can other countries control the virus well? When will this epidemic end? So many issues to surround us every day. The demand for packaging equipment for epidemic prevention materials is increasing rapidly. Is the world panic?

In fact, after experiencing the isolation of the house life from the people around us for several months, I think the virus is not so scared. As long as we have basic protection: go out with masks, do not gather in crowded places, do not easily take off masks outside, wash hands with germicidal disinfectant at home, carry 75% alcohol disinfectant, and ventilate the room. , This virus has nowhere to go. People around us are doing this very well, so we have changed from the most severely infected country to the single-digit number of diagnoses every day, because each of us knows how to protect ourselves and our families. Rather than panic, we are more practical to protect everyone around us.

In the face of the global epidemic, China’s supply of materials is abundant, and delivery is fast and punctual, which is especially valuable. I still remember that on the second day of the new year, I heard the news that the manufacturers of masks had already returned to work. Here, BKPACK GROUP also hopes to make a slight effort in this battle:

All the packaging equipment sold during the epidemic will not increase the price of the order due to the large number of orders, and to maintain the original price. Keeping the original intention, although the cost of machinery production is much higher than usual, we are willing to bear this cost to support the faster and more production of epidemic prevention products.

Chinese people with you together,BKPACK GROUP be together with you.ALL OF US WILL BE STRONG.

Sincerely, BKPACK Team!

Author: Lilar from Bkpack (Lilar’s Google+)
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