Ice sheet,ice gel pack,Ice SAP pods OEM packing service from China

Good news for everybody all around the world.

“ We have ice sheet packing machine to give OEM service now.”


During 2-3years period,We supply many sets packing machines for ice sheet,ice pods, ice gel,ice pack,Ice glace etc ice sachets, bottling products into Australia,Thailand,New zealand, Ireland,UK kingtom, France,Rissia, India,Indonisia,Columbia etc. countries also China too.

It’s so difficult to develop this ice sheet packing machine as it has two rolls film or four rolls film with nonwoven and plastic film together.For the normal product,it only one roll film to pack into sachets.The machine is simple and ordinary too.

In the market of packaging machinery manufacture in China,only we can make this ice sheet packing machine in good sealing shape and high speed and cutting the sheet form according to customer request freely.We are so pround and feel valuable though it take us many time and cost to develop it in perfect recult.

Ice pack Ice pods 4layers film ice sheet 12/24 ice gel pack

With the time going, we found some customer don’t want to invest so many fee on auto packing machine.They just want semi auto or manual or small cost machines to start the ice business firstly and then see the market to invest amount.

If make semi auto machine for this multi layers film,it can’t save many cost.But if you buy full auto multi lanes packing machine,you can’t plan.One more important point,most of them don’t know how to maintan and adjust the machine even we train them in their factory.

The best solution is OEM packing by us.We know this ice product many as we work with so many customers for this product. We can give professional suggest to you in ice SAP material and tell you how to make ice gel from Ice Sap powder material.And how to buy the nonwoven film and packing film etc to get perfect temperature keeping.

And in additional,we can tell you what is the ice instructure in market now.Then you can choose best shape and size for your product.

Finally we finish one set ice sheet packing machine for ourselves in April.(Ice gel packing machine can do single lane and simple,cheap cost too.)

There are so many orders machine have to do so that we don’t have time to make one machine for ourselves.

And when we open our OEM packing service,The machine is running all the day and days.

Until now I have time to tell all around the worlk of this good news.Hope it can give you some helpful information.

If you are interested in this OEM packing service for ice sheet,ice gel,ice pods,ice packs,pls contact me freely.



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