Importance of Good sealing potato chips paper aluminum can

How to seal good potato chips paper aluminum can?

Potato chips contain a lot of oils that are easily oxidized, so the oxygen content around them should be low. Otherwise, the potato chips are prone to problems such as halal smell, which affects product quality. This paper analyzes how to choose the machinery from the sealing effect to ensure that the packaged potato chip can meets the sealing requirements, and will never produce a scent, and how to do the sealing detection method, so that the enterprise can detect it when selecting the sealing device. .

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1, Why have to seal well?

Potato chips are prone to non-crunchy, sputum, and savory during shelf life, all of which are related to the oxidative deterioration of the components in the potato chips. Therefore, reducing the oxygen content in the aluminum foil plastic can and the high oxygen barrier packaging are effective ways to prevent the oxidative deterioration of the potato chips. The potato chip packaging is divided into two types: bagged and barreled. The bagged potato chips are mostly made of aluminum-plastic composite film or aluminized composite film. The canned potato chips are basically made of paper aluminum-plastic composite cans. The above packaging forms can meet higher requirements. Barrier properties and good sealing requirements, but if the tank is cracked or the tank is not tightly sealed, it will affect the overall barrier.

chips paper tube

Picture 1 Paper aluminum plastic can for potato chips

2, How to seal to ensure good sealing?

A, sealing paper aluminum film: to ensure that the film can be accurately positioned to the can, sufficient sealing temperature and sealing tim

B, Bottom cover sealing: Ensure that the cover has no deformation status, automatically cover the can on the can, and there is no vibration when sealing. The sealing knife is processed accurately and the rolling knife is stable.Even still can’t sure it can seal well,you can consider add the nitrogen gas inserting simple system into the can before sealing.(See Picture 2)Nitrogen gas inserting pipe in can sealing machine

Picture 2 can sealing with simple gas interting system

3,How to detect the sealability: oxygen permeability

The domestic test method for the oxygen transmission rate of packaging materials is the coulomb counting method, which can be tested by referring to GB/T31354, “Coulometric measurement method for package and container oxygen permeability test method”. The above standards stipulate the test method for the oxygen permeability of packages and containers by coulometric method under steady state conditions, and the packaging of plastics and composite packages and containers suitable for use in dry environments with a volume of less than 2L. The oxygen permeability test of the material.

  1. Test sample: A potato chip paper aluminum plastic can provided by a packaging material factory.
  2. Test principle: Using the isostatic test principle, the pre-treated sample is clamped between the test chambers, oxygen or air flows on one side of the film, and high-purity nitrogen flows on the other side of the film. Oxygen molecules diffuse through the membrane to the high purity nitrogen in the other side and are carried to the sensor by the flowing nitrogen. By analyzing the oxygen concentration measured by the sensor, parameters such as oxygen transmission rate are calculated. For packaging containers, high purity nitrogen flows within the container, and air or high purity oxygen surrounds the outside of the container.

C, test methods and instruments:

The sealed can is measured with a measuring instrument, and if the residual oxygen amount is as high as 9.1%, the sealing effect is not up to standard;

If the residual oxygen amount is 3%, the sealing effect is excellent, and the oxygen rate in the tank is very low, which can be stored for a long time. As shown below.

Oxygen residue test comparison

Picture 3 Oxygen residue test comparison

All of the above are the points which is for the sealing and packaging of the potato chip aluminum cans should be noted. When purchasing the machine, it is necessary to mention these problems with the machine manufacturer, so as to avoid the bad sealing effect and the scrap rate.

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