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Project Description

BKSPF-12 Semi automatic 12colors Acrylic paint filling machine, Manual Watercolor paint filling and capping machine

Acrylic paint filling machine 12colors Acrylic paint filling machine


Application: Focus on water color ink or kids Acrylic paint box filling and caps pressing machine.

Working process:

  1. Manually empty the plastic box into the mold, (there are 2 molds for 6 conjoined plastic boxes in the equipment, and the plastic box needs to be replaced when the conjoined plastic boxes are of different specifications.box mold)
  1. After inching or pedaling the switch, the 12 sets of injection nozzles move forward to the upper position of the plastic box, and open the cylinder of the pumping pump to inject the material until the injection time (According to the viscosity of the pigment and the size of the filling, set the filling time) to close the pump, and the filling nozzle returns to its original position. Operating color of flap cylinder. The cover of the material box is flipped 180 degrees and buckled above the box mouth. The cover cylinders on both sides press the upper cover tightly, release the cover flap, and take out the finished product to complete the whole process.
  1. Each color can be stored in the storage barrel, insert the shaft material pump into the barrel, and the outlet of the pumping pump is connected with the injection nozzle, so that the pigment can Under normal circumstances, it is poured into the box by injection, and each color is equipped with a pump.
  1. The operating table is made of stainless steel and has a moderate height. The operation is convenient and comfortable.
  2. The contact between the pump and the material is all made of stainless steel.
Technic Parameters
  1. Power supply 220V, 500W
  2. Air source Greater than or equal to 0.1 cubic/min, 0.4Mpa
  3. Filling volume 1-25ml (arbitrary set volume)
  4. Injection speed 20-30 times/minute (depending on the proficiency of the operation)
  5. Injection color Multi-color (1-12 can be freely selected)
  6. Host weight 100Kg
  7. Dimensions Length 780X Width 628X Height 960mm

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