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Project Description

BKRO-2000 2000 L/H Two grade RO pure water treatment

2TPH Double grade RO water treatment

Applicable product
Technique Parameters
Capacity of pure water:2000L/H     25℃
Salt rejection ratio98%-99.5%
Recovery ratio65%-85%
Input power4.75kw
General power:7.3 KW
Electrical power:AC380V 16A 50Hz
TubeStainless Steel
RO membranes:ESPA4040      12 items (2 grade)
Multi-stage pump:CDL4-220/4.0 KW      1 item
CDL2-180/2.2 KW       1 item
Beforehand filter:ф750×1500×δ2.0      2 items
PP sediment membranes filter:ф330×500×δ1.5      1 item
Booster pump:CHL8-30/1.1 KW      1 item
Active carbon filter:300 kg
Quartz sand filter:800 kg
Functions:RO membranes auto wash and manual wash ; RO membranes manual wash with medicine; pure water high water level auto stop,low water level auto start; Multi-stage pump protected without water; protected when no power ,poor power,large electrical current,short circuit,creepage of electricity and so on.
Size (mm):main machine:2500×600×1640
Beforehand filter:2200×1000×2300

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