BKSC-6P 360degree servo motor control paper tube curling machine2022-06-27T06:45:38+00:00

Project Description

BKSC-6P 360degree servo motor control paper tube curling machine, Round corner cardboard container curling machine

60degree Paper tube curling machine 60degree cardboard container curling machine 360 paper tube curling shape  360 paper tube curling


This 360degree servo motor control paper tube curling machine is specially suitable for the inner and outer curved 360degrer round edge of the paper canister mouth of tea, food, wine, toy, daily chemical stationery, etc.It has 6stations working for fast speed.Auto curling,auto slipping,auto feeding out with high efficiency and mobility operations.360 fully curling inside edge is poplular for customer as beauty paper tube processing machine.

Servo motor controlling the whole machine is more interlligent to control.Chinese/English Touch screen and PLC will make the machine working more steady and faster.It is a ideal equipment for high request beautiful paper tube making.

Technic Parameters
Model BKSC-6P
Edge Shape 360degree inner curling
Voltage 380V 3phrases 50HZ
Power 1.8KW
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Capacity 30-40Pcs/Min
Suitable tube diameter 20-160MM
Suitable tube Height 20-400MM
Suitable tube wall thickness 0.8-2mm
Direction for curling ways clockwise
Net.Weight 600KG

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