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Project Description

BKAER Series Fully automatic aerosol can filling production line,Snow spray filling machine

aerosol can crimping machine with gasser Fully automatic aerosol snow spray can filling production lineAerosol can


This production is complete line to pack snow spray, Aerosol adhesives,spray glue,air freshener,deodorants,insecticide etc. production.Special suits for aluminum can.It is used in Explosion proof motor to keep safe when producting.

snow spray can

It can match printing machine and packing covneyor to work into line well.

Whole machine frame made in Stainless steel.Meet to GMP request.

Work flow:

Can unscramber–Auto marble dropping—Auto 4heads filling-auto valves inserting into can—

4heads crimping machine with gasser— Spray pump capping machine– Fully auto caps pressing machine

Technic Parameters

Voltage: 380V,50HZ

Filling range: 30-750ML

Applican can dia:35-71MM,Height:85-330MM

Filling accuracy:≦+-1%

Air pressure:0.8-1Mpa

Sealing accurate: ≦3%

Capacity:30-50cans per min

Over demession: 10000*800*1600MM

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