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Project Description

BK-400W Automatic alcohol swabs cotton sheet packaging machine wipes paper packing machine

Alcohol cotton pads packing machine2 (2) Alcohol cotton pads packing machine2 (2) Alcohol cotton pads packing machine2 (2) alcohol swabs2folders alcohol swabs wipe

Descriptions  The automatic alcohol cotton sheet packaging machine, with its stable, efficient and excellent quality, is very suitable for the mass production of alcohol sheets by the majority of export enterprises.

● Color touch screen operation interface operation; servo drive system; PLC programmable controller intelligently controls the operation of the whole machine, precise film feeding, stable transmission of cotton sheets, and precise bag cutting.
● Imported liquid pump, the amount of liquid added is set directly on the touch screen.
● Under the premise of high liquid volume, the sealing is tight, no leakage, no bubbles

Technic Parameters


Unfolded size of alcohol sheet: length 30mm × width 60mm

Alcohol sheet folded size: length 30mm × width 30mm

Cotton sheet folding method: fold in half once, 2 layers or unfolded single layer

Bag size: length 50mm × width 50mm

Processing capacity: 300 bags/min

Packaging film material: 73-110g/㎡ paper aluminum film composite packaging paper

Packaging film specifications: Φ≤350 mm, width 400 mm, inner diameter of paper core 76.2mm

Applicable cotton sheet material: coiled, 30-60g/㎡ spunlace non-woven fabric

Non-woven fabric raw material specifications: diameter ≤600mm, width 60mm

Inner diameter of raw paper core: Φ 76.2mm (=3″)

Total power: 220v, 50hz, 5 kw

Equipment weight: 500 kg

Dimensions: length 2800×width 1300×height 1500mm

Packing size: length 2200 × width 1500 × height 1500mm

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