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Project Description

Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine,cosmetic tube filling machine,face cream tube filler

Aluminum tube filling sealing machine Metal tube


Application: This machine is suitable for operating filling, sealing a quantity of viscosity of oil, cream and gel etc ointment.

  1. Model: BK-30T
  2. Tail sealing form: three-fold tail, four-fold tail.
  3. General scope of equipment: daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pigment, adhesive, and other industries.
  4. Common materials for equipment: cream, gel, pigment, glue, or viscous fluid materials.
  5. The range of equipment packaging materials: metal tubes.
  6. Equipment work flow: automatic tube loading→marking and positioning→filling→mechanical folding (typing code)→finished product exit.
  7. The working principle of the equipment: PLC program control, combined with the touch screen buttons, can fully grasp the equipment’s stepless speed regulation, parameter setting, output counting, and running status, making the equipment easy to operate and more humanized.
Technic Parameters
Voltage 220V 50Hz/380v Options
Main motor power 0.75kw
Air source pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Air consumptions 30dm^3/MIN
Capacity 30-50Pcs/Min
Filling precision +/-1%
Over Demession 2000*1000*1900mm
Machine weight 450kg
Filling volume 5-50ml,10-100ml,30-300ml
Tube diameter 12-35mm
Tube Length 80-200mm

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