Baby wet wipes bag top cover closing machine2022-02-19T12:30:12+00:00

Project Description

BKALGP Baby wet wipes bag top Cover closing machine,Automatic caps labeling,gluing and pressing machine

wet wipes machine wet wipes cover


The euipment is customized according the customer needs.And the configuration is suitable to the actual situation.


This Fully automatic multifunctional platic caps labeling gluing pressing machine is a key of top caps packaging machine for wet wipes bag package.It is developed the new design by Bkpack factory.

Consist of:

Fully servo motor control+Vision+cover correction control+automatic labeling control+automatic gluing

1 cover slot;

Synchronus belt type cap feeding mechanism(servo control);

A labeling machine,automatic stop without cover;

Servo automatic caps removal and capping mainpulator;

customized palstic boxes.

Technic Parameters
Machine name Automatic caps labeling,gluing and pressing machine
Speed 50-60Packs per min
Top cover Width
Materials Plastic cover and labels,hot melt adhesive
Machine size 2600*1000*1660mm(L*W*H)
Voltage 380V,50HZ,3Phrase
Power About 5Kw

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