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Project Description

BKAWP Fully automatic 30-120Pcs baby wet wipes making folding production line,small cheap wet wipes machine

wet wipes machine

wet wipes machine


the liquid filling method and the wet tissure folding machine

1.Spray after the product is cut to control the amount of sprayed liquid.and inscrease the amount of liquid without squeezing.It is suitabel fo the production of wet wipes that require a large amount of liquid.such as jieyin wet wipes.male and female nursing and health care wipes.

Advantages:There is no chemical contamination when folding and cutting.And it will not cause rusting of the machine parts;

Disadvantages:No extrusion after water spraying relatively thicker than the product.

2.Spraying before the frabic film cut can control the amount of spraying liquid and squeeze after spraying.Suitabel for the production of ordinary cleansing and makeup remover wipes with low liquid content.

Advantages:suitable for direct packaging.Suitable for product packaging with certain packaging height requirements;

Disadvantages:Although the folding mechanism is made of stainless steel.Some products are corrosive and easy to rust over a long period of time.The water content cannot be inscreased(visual inspection:water drops drip when pinching slightly by hand).

Technic Parameters
Machine name Wipes making folding packging machine
Model BKAWP-5
Heads NO. 5
Wet wipes unfolded size L*H:100-200*100-240MM
Wet wipes folded size L*H:80-110*30-90MM
Folding method of wet wipes Vertically folded N/W type
Bag size single L*W:130-160*50-100MM
Batch date printing function Equipment with ink wheel coding device(low cost,easy to replace)
Quanity per wipes bag 30-120Pcs wipes per packs adjustable
Wet wipes making and folding capacity 600-800pcs per min for 5heads
Processing capacity for flow packging machine 40-80bags per min in single row
Package fim requirements 70-130g/m2 aluminum film packaging paper.

Nowoven fabric fim:35-80g Spunlace non-woven fabric, hot air cloth

Roll Dia less than 400mm.Width:200-380MM

Inner Diameter of raw paper core Dia76.2mm(=3’’)
Total power 220V,50HZ,3Kw
Drive chain Main drive chain with ensioner as required
Machine weight About 1200kg
Demensions 4000*1200*1800MM

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