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Project Description

BK-500N Fully Automatic Paper Can Labeling Machine,Hot Glue cardboard tube labeling machine

BK-500N Auto Paper Can Labeling machine BK-500N Composite Can Labeling machine Potato chips paper tube


Scope of application:

Applicable labels: paper labels (coated with hot melt adhesive).

Applicable products: Products that require labels to be attached to the circumference.

Application examples: used in all kinds of gift paper cans, tea cans, food packaging paper cans, cosmetics, electronic products, health care products, stationery paper tubes, and other high-quality paper cans labeling.

Features:Similar with BK-500 Hot melt glue labeling machine

Technic Parameters

Model:BK-500N Machine Name:Fully Automatic paper can labeling machine

◆Labeling accuracy: ±0.3-1.0mm

◆Labeling speed: 20~30pcs/min

◆Applicable product size: outer diameter 14mm~200mm, height 30mm~500mm.

◆ Machine size: 1000x1300x1400mm (length x width x height)

◆Applicable power supply: 220V

◆Rated power: 3.6kw

◆Air pressure: 0.3-0.6kpa

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