BK60-6C Pigment 6 cups filling and sealing machine2018-01-05T03:39:05+00:00

Project Description

BK60-6C Pigment 6 cups filling and sealing machine



This machine is reasonable to design automatic cups filling and sealing production. High automatically, applied Omron PLC control, strictly sealing etc are also automatic finish the filling and sealing processing.Eg: automatic cups falling,automatic filling,automatic date coding,UV film sterilizing,auto twice sealing,cups out etc function.The capacity can arrive 3000cups per hou.It can help impove capacity and save labor cost to achieve automatic processing.


Technic Parameters
Cups size Customized to your cup size
Sealing film request PE,PP,complex,Aluminum(ask attached film layer is same with cups material
Filling range 20-200ml
Capacity 60-90pcs per min
Voltage 380V/50HZ
power 5.5kW
Material Frame made in 304SUS,attached material made in 316L SST.
Function Auto cups falling,filling,date printing,UV sterilizing,auto logo mark tracking,auto sealing twice,auto film cutting,film rolling,cups outing.

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