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Project Description

Automatic steam vacuum twist off capping machine,STEAM VACUUM CAPPING MACHINE,three(four) twist off cap glass bottle steam type vacuum capping

team-vacuum-capping-machine-for-glass-jar-5000bphglass jar


Vacuum capper is a specially designed capping machine which combined technology of MRZX with that of Europe White-CAP Co., The equipment is suitable for sorts of shapes and specifications of glass bottle steam exhausting and sealing. It is equipped with frequency converter, steam spray exhausting and mechanical sealing device for complete function and high automation. It is used to vacuum seam for sorts of three or four screw cap of seasoning, vegetable, bean curd, juice and jam etc.

Technic Parameters
Capacity: 80-150B/min Free Regulation Bottle And Cap
Closure Types: Three twist cover,Four twist cover,Six twist cover & Pressing twist cover
Cap/Jar Diameter: Ф30-Ф90mm
Bottle/Jar Diameter: Ф30-Ф100mm
Bottle Height: 65-260mm
Motor Power: 3.12kw
Steam Consumption: 180-230kg/h
Steam Pressure: ≤0.4MPa
Max. Vacuum Degree: 67kPa(502mmHg)
Weight: 1100kg
Outer Dimension(Length×Width×High): 3000×1100×2000mm

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