BKAFC-1 Automatic powder vials filling capping machine2018-01-05T03:38:57+00:00

Project Description

Automatic powder vials filling capping machine,Small vial filling machine,vial filling capping machine



This machine is suitable for 2-500g material circular flat plastic or glass bottles of powder filling and capping. This machine is made of high precision cam indexing mechanism to provide indexing equal-dividing disk positioning plug cover; acceleration cam drive provides capping head lifting; constant torque capping; high precision screw metering filling; without touch screen control. Bottle filling, without inner plug, the outer cover. With accurate positioning, stable transmission, protective cap, accurate in measurement. The advantages of simple operation, fully in line with the new GMP requirements of the national.

Technic Parameters

Applicable specifications 2-500g

Production capacity of 20-50 bottles/ min

Filling precision is less than or equal to + 1%

Power 220V / 50Hz

Rotary ( rolling ) cover rate of more than 99%

Automatic plug rate > 99%

Gas 1.3 m3 / h 0.4-0.8Mpa

Power 2 kW

Machine net weight 500 kg

Size of 2200 * 1000 * 1600mm

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