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Project Description

BKALR-110S Single side round &square bottle labeling machine

BKALR-110S Single side round square bottle labeling machine BKALR-110S Single side square carton labeling machine


Applicable to the square, the sector being single label products; Square bottle on three sides, and all around surround type label

Do things round bottle label applies to label time, double stick, double stick positioning labeling, respectively

A Chinese touch screen operation, being easy to learn the function is all ready, realize the man-machine communication

Do things with Germany’s Siemens PLC and servo motor feedback control, the control without error

Drive the main motor being ultra small inertia, 750 w, can achieve instantaneous constant speed instantaneous abrupt stop, labeling of high precision and strong stability

Headers any Angle adjustment, more suitable for different product shape of regulation, the operation is simple and convenient

Tag tray institutions, with constant tension makes tag smooth operation, the most suitable for high speed labeling

Fostered pressure zone and the main conveyor line adopts mechanical transmission, make two absolute synchronization

Article pressure with sectional mat, will not affect the individual by products of high and low pressure, mat of polymer materials is more wear-resisting

Cyanogen 30 degrees butyl being dynamic locating mechanism of rubber roller and clamping cylinder roller three roller, make the product smooth rotation, thus improve the labeling accuracy

Product positioning to stick the photoelectric orientation, can be specified in the product of any location accurate labeling position (selection)

Being based on product features, can increase the special labeling mechanism tailored design.

Technic Parameters
power 220VAC   50Hz  2.0KW
Work pressure 6kg/cm2   100L/min
Labeling speed 45 m/min
Labeling accuracy ±1mm
Label maximum height 110mm
Label paper core diameter ∮76.2mm
Label the biggest diameter ∮350mm
The whole machine size L3048*W1500*H1530mm

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