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Project Description

Automatic phamacy powder vials filling and sealing machine,Lyophilized powder filling machine,Freeze-dried powder vials filling and capping machine

 Automatic phamacy powder vials filling and sealing machine2 Automatic phamacy powder vials filling and sealing machine2 Freeze-dried powder vials


The machine is on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, by my company independent research and development of a professional for schering bottles filling, plug, screw rolling machine.The machine adopts Japanese imported high-precision closed CAM indexing stations, high precision, reliable operation, long service life.The protractor structure is simple, use for a long time without maintenance.This machine is mainly suitable for all kinds of powder filling, tamponade and spin (rolling) cover, such as powder, collagen at the end of the egg, ice boron powder, pesticide powder, pepper powder, etc.Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and scientific research.This machine can be stand-alone production, but also with the bottle washing machine, dryer equipment such as linkage line.Full compliance with the GMP requirement.

Work flow: unscrambler–two heads auger filling machine in two rails–inner plug auto feeding and pressing–outer caps feeding and crimpping

Technic Parameters
Filling range 1-20grams
Filling error ≤ ±0.5%
Capping pass rate ≥99%
Capacity 30-60BPM
Filling type Auger screw
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Power 2.0KW
Net weight 700kg
Over Demesion size 2900*1000*1700MM

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