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Project Description

BKAS-250 Full automatic table top tray sealing machine

BKAS-250 Full automatic table top tray sealing machine

Descriptions This machine is a new model table full auto box sealing machine, improve production efficiency, energy saving, sealing film for plastic compound coil, automatic cutting, automatic sealing and automatic discharge scrap film, solved the questions that have no lid cup, bottle sealing problem, no matter what shape, can seal, save floor space, can seal one box, two boxes, four box by one time.It’s popular to the user.
Technic Parameters

Production speed: 800-1000 boxes per hour

1.The sealing diameter: 50-250mm can be customized

2.The sealing material: plastic composite film, aluminum foil composite film, PP, PE, PET, PS is ok.

3.The sealing film size is greater than the box top 2-3 mm, sealing strictly, beautiful appearance

4.Air pressure range: 4 to 8 kg/CM2

5.The temperature range: 0-300 degrees

6.Power: 500-1000 w

7.Voltage: 220 v / 110 v

8.The machine size: 400 * 550 * 750MM

9.The machine appearance: stainless steel

10.Net weight: 60 kg


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