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Project Description

BKAS-V Fully auto vacuum can sealing machine with gas flushing

Fully auto vacuum can sealing machine with gas flushing Food cans for full auto can seamer


Automatic vacuum nitrogen filling and sealing machine is specially designed for food vacuum and nitrogen filling and sealing.

Suitable for packaging of Fried food, puffed food, baked goods, fresh sliced agricultural products, special cheese and fresh meat.

Vacuum-filled nitrogen packaging can better maintain the taste, taste and nutrition of food.

Vacuum-filled nitrogen packaging can play a good role in protecting the shape of the food inside: it can prevent the fragile food from being crushed;

To avoid the imbalance of external pressure so that the packaging of food under pressure bond together, so that its texture becomes hard;

Reduce the deterioration of food due to surface damage of packaging materials.


1)Large touch screen, man-machine exchange, simple operation, user-friendly design.

2)Customized automatic lower cover according to the size of the customer, pneumatic lower cover system to work higher and more stable.

3)The sealing knife can adjust the sealing edge and tightness according to the sample required by the customer, so that the customer can be more satisfied.

4)Automatic formation of sealing chamber, large gas storage tank, so that the machine more stable operation.

5)Positioning conveyor belt to better connect to other production equipment, more efficient.


It is suitable for sealing all kinds of tinplate cans, aluminum cans, paper cans and other round size cans.

Technic Parameters
Packing speed(Bags/Min)35-55bags per min
Main motor power3KW
Packaged Sachet size(MM)W:100-150MM, L:120-220MM
Machine size(MM)1200*1480*1300(L*W*H)
Voltage220V/380V 50-60HZ
Package dosage0.5-100ML
Air consumption0.7M3/min
Applicable MaterialAll kind of heat-sealable laminated pouch

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