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Project Description

BKAW-2000 Automatic rotary type washing machine

BKAW-2000 Automatic rotary type washing machine for glass plastic


This machine is all stainless steel automatic flip tuming machine, applicable to the new bottle washing; Bottles from into the bottle, bottle clamp on track, fall down turn and a spray bottle, drain all automatic complete; SO2 can blunt SO2 and rinse with water at the same time, the water cycle use; Closed operation, the frequency conversion control, bottle diameter in a certain range are subject to configuration in and out of the device. Around the table with a transparent organic glass walls, top of the machine has the gas-collecting hood.

Technic Parameters
Production capacity2000-3000bottle/hours
To adapt to the bottle shapebottle diameter 55-90 bottle high 28-330mm
Power supply1.5kw
The weight2000kg
Overall dimension1820×1950×2500mm

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