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Project Description

BKAWF-4 Fully auto 4heads grains weighting filling machine,Grains filling machine,Beans can filling machine

Grains filling machine,Beans can filling machine


This Fully auto 4heads grains weighting filling machine is an economical and practical automatic weighing and filling machine for powder and small particles. It can complete automatic positioning, filling and measurement of bottles. It is composed of a filling head, a chain conveyor belt and a positioning device.

It can be combined with bottle-bottling machine, revolving cap machine and label attaching machine to form a whole filling line.

Suitable for packaging powder and small granule material, such as powder, small granule medicine, veterinary medicine, glucose, seasoning, Mixed grain rice etc.


1)The surface of the whole machine is made of stainless steel except motor.

2)Combined transparent material box, easy to disassemble and wash without tools.

3)The electronic balance is used to measure and load more accurately.

4)PLC control system has the advantages of stable operation, anti-interference and high weighing precision.

5)The touch screen in both English and Chinese clearly displays the working status, operation instructions, fault status and production statistics, etc., which makes the operation simple and intuitive.

6)Correspondingly, various product adjustment parameter formulations can be stored and used later, with up to 10 formulas stored.

Technic Parameters
Filling type Electric scales weighter
Package weight 5-2000g
Filling pricision ≤100g, ≤±2%; 100-500g, ≤±1%
Filling speed 20-40pcs per min
Voltage 380V,50-60HZ,3phrase
Power 1.2KW
Air compressed pressure 5-8KG/CM2
Air consumptions 0.05M3/min
Weight 320KG
Over demession 2000×850×2250MM

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