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Project Description

Automatic big dosage granules packing machine,coffee beans bag packing machine,meter cup packing machine


Descriptions PLC Controlled main packing machine, equipped with auto volumetric cup dosing system, material lifter/conveyor and the finished product conveyor. It has an extensive range of package, suitable for packing of each kind of item such as grains, refined sugar, blocks, bars and powder, etc.
Technic Parameters
  • Packing speed: 5-50 bags/min
  • Bag size: W:70-200mm/L300mm
  • The maximum width of packing film: 430 mm(diameter)
  • Thickness of film:04-0.08mm
  • Bag making mode: Pillow-type bag, standing bag.
  • Range of measuring: 200-2000 gm(max)
  • Air consumption: 200L/min; 0.7Mpa
  • Power/voltage: 2 KW/220V, 50 Hz
  • Dimension (LxWXH):1400×970×1600mm
  • Weight: 400kg
  • Body: Steel with painting, S/S304 for the parts contact the packed material.
  • Country of origin of mainequipments:


Volumetric Cup Dosing system:

Suitable for automatic measuring of small granule materials and powder materials with well fluidity such as granulated sugar, seeds and so on. Controlling system can automatically modify and adjust the numbers of circle.


  • Metering capacity: 100 ~ 3000 gm/time.
  • Metering speed: 20~60 times/min

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