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Project Description

BKDXD-50W Fully auto medicine sachets packing machine cheap price

BKDXD-50W Fully auto medicine sachets packing machine cheap price Small medicine sachet


Fully automatic sachets packaging machine advantage:

Effect, using stainless steel neat, clear and high-end. Suitable for plant, shop, outdoor, etc. The installation of a vibrator inside the machine keeps the machine from sticking when it packs powder. Work with a variety of dispensing machines. Speed depends on different items, high quality products. In addition, the machine is a combination of two automatic packaging machines, the above sub-station can also take down the sub-load weighing other items, the bottom packaging machine can also be used alone, this is the biggest advantage of the combination, can also be used as a full Automatically, it can also be used semi-automatically.


This sachets packing machine machine can be customized to package tea, whole grains, desiccants, traditional Chinese medicine powder, traditional Chinese medicine pill, powdered milk and other non-sticky materials such as solid powder, granules, and strips, which are fast, stable and accurate.

This machine is suitable for:

Composite film, filter paper, aluminum foil and other heat-sealing packaging materials. Microcomputer control, with accurate and reliable control, simple operation, stable operation, clear working status display, high degree of automation, easy maintenance and other features.

Technic Parameters


Capacity:15-25pcs per min

Bag stype:Three sides sealed

Bag length:2-16CM(adjustable)

Bag Film width:6-20cm(16CM Standard)

Package volumn:3-50g(according to different material to adjust)



Packing machine size:620*490*1050mm

Material feeding weight scale size: 420*300*550MM

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