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Project Description

BKHD-Jet Small Date Ink Jet Printer in cheap price made in China,Expired Date printer Small type,Date coder with conveyor

Date ink-jet-printer-small-type printing-conveyor


Ink Jet Printer combines stability feature with user-friendly design and is equipped with information editing and storage system.No need for diluent(solvent),no noise or pungent smell,and printing speed keeps steady when lines are increased.The printer is suitable for printing variable-size characters(one machine with dual functions).Both high definition font and dot matrix font.In short,this printer is aglle and easy to move,and able to meet various needs from users.


Technic Parameters
Spray Print FontsHd spray print fonts (and print) or bitmap fonts
Spray publishing severalA line or to eighteen
Spray printing highCan spray print 1 mm high – 18 mm words font
Spray print contentAutomatic spray print date, time, batch number, serial number and name, class, such as: can set up automatic continuous spray print
Special graphicSpray can print all kinds of trademark graphics, Chinese fonts, digit, letter, design and special symbols, etc
Spray printing speedUp to 38 m/min, and spray printing speed does not change due to the increase of the number of lines
Memory capacity
Memory capacityCan store 50 spray print information, depending on the need to increase
interfaceHumanized operation interface in Chinese, graphic function keys, with Chinese character, Chinese menu;Operation is very convenient;Can achieve the result that the fool operation
Spray printing materialCan spray printing on metal, plastic, wood, aluminum platinum, cartons and building materials such as surface
Ink consumablesUse the quick dry or oily ink printing ink of environmental protection, without adding solvent, no pollution, no external air or within the pump
Communication interfaceVia a serial port or USB interface can be directly connected with the computer, very convenient Chinese transmission via computer, trademark design, and according to your special requirements and change the spurt the code machine spurts India the othercharacters in a font

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