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Project Description

BKPP-600 plastic bag pillow packing machine,Automatic flow wrapping machine


  1. Double converters control bag length which can be set and cut. There is no need to adjust empty which will be prompted automatically by the humanized operation, saving time and membrane.
  2. Master control circuit adopts imported single-chip microcomputer with man-machine interface and frequency control, making setting parameters convenient and quick and operation intuitive. Fully implement the humanized automatic operation.
  3. Digital fault self-diagnosis function. Fault diagnosis is clear at a glance
  4. Packing speed and bag length adopts dual frequency conversion control, digital sealing and cutting position input. The sealing and cutting position is precise, beautiful and solid.
  5. Highly sensitive photoelectric device tracks automatically and accurately.
  6. Positioning stop function without sticking knife, cutting and wasting envelope.
  7. Double frequency contracted mechanical structure with less worn, easy maintenance and long life.
  8. The temperature of each seal is independent. PID control is suitable to various packaging materials.
  9. All controls are implemented by software. It can install intermittent air device and spray alcohol device to implement adjusting functions immediately and upgrading technology to ensure it will never fall behind.



Be applicable for packaging of sticky and diffuse products such as towels, tissues, noodles, preserved fruit, haw slice, sausage, etc.

Packing material:  Heat-sealable laminated film, such as: OPP, PE, PVC, PT/PE, OPP/CPP, other special sealable packing film.

Technic Parameters
Model BKPP-600
Film width Max.600mm
Bag length 130-300mm/180-400mm
Bag width 50-280mm
Product height Max.10-90mm
Film roll diameter Max.320mm
Packing speed 40-230bag/min
Power 220V/380V,50/60HZ,2.8KW
Machine Size (L)4320X(W)900X(H)1420mm
Gross Weight 800kg

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