BKSA-4 Semi Auto glass jar air vacuum capping machine2022-01-05T07:07:42+00:00

Project Description

BKSA-4 Semi Auto glass jar air vacuum capping machine cheap Bird nest PT caps sealer

bksa-4-semi-auto-glass-jar-air-vacuum-capping-machineBKSA-4 semi auto 4stations vacuum capper for glass jar

glass with PT cap


This type vacuum capper is most usually used in glass jar in 3-4screws iron caps.It’s manually one and save cost in labor and strength.Vacuum pump in capping head can suck the air to keep the bottle in vacuum.

It’s widely used in jam glass jar, spicy food glass container, pickle glass etc food industry to keep the food in fresh.

Technic Parameters



3)Air consumption:0.5M3/0.8MPa

4)bottle dia:30-80MM,H:50-150MM

5) 220V,50HZ

6)caps diameter: ¢ 25-¢45 mm  ¢45-¢70mm

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