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Project Description

BKSC-1 Semi auto piston sealing machine for red wine

BKSC-1 Semi auto piston sealing machine for red wine


This equipment adapt to plug of different glass bottles cork ,widely used in grap winery,fruit winery.

Major characteristics:

  1. This machine is automatic production,didn’t need to people operation,saved labor.

2 .  In the work of Send plug, Congestion plug, Rise bottles, plug cork all through the cam by numerical control processing ,to ensure the reliability of each process.

3  Congestion plug device adopt  to special material, numerical control wire cutting processing,    nitrogen treatment,Princision and durble.

  1. Equipped with the installation of control for the plug, No bottles no plug,save material.
  2. Equipped with overload protection device,jam bottles stopping machine,Not break the bottles ,Not hurt the machine.
  3. Transducer adjust speed, easy to adapt to the transmission line of other equipment work speed.

According to the customer need to withdraw plug can be mounted to the automatic system, Single head machine can equipped with nitrogen charging device.

Technic Parameters
Production ability1200-1500 bottles/hour
Suitable bottleneck50-105mm
Suitable bottle height250-380mm
Suitable bottle diameter15-25mm
Motor capacity0.55KW
Weight80 Kilogram

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