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Project Description

BKSC-P Semi auto perfume crimpping machine pneumatic controlling



Table model perfume capping machine is a part of perfume filling , one of the sealing part, Used for all kinds of valve sealing cover.

  1. The machine is consist of the sealing operation institutions and the forced system ,Through pressing air as power source, adopt pneumatic sealed a loop to perform a homework.
  2. Installation and highly

①Adjust  the machine to the horizontal position.

② The compressed air source with a rubber hose to machine source air, turn on the power, to the pipeline valve.

③Adjust sealing system, oprate foot treadle,adjust height, Make hand dance firm mouth bottom plane and the plane parallel to the valve, to plunge into the mouth after the completion of the capping can normal use.

Technic Parameters
Name Table model semi-automatic perfume capping machine pneumatic type
Power 0.75KW
height 10-400mm
Bottle diameter 20-240mm
Packaging Type Glass cans with caps
Pneumatic source 0.35-0.4MPa
Capping diameter Φ14.5mm Φ17mm Φ20mm Φ21.5 can be customized
Weight 30kg
Work table height 60-200MM adjustable

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