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Project Description

BKSLW-P Semi-automatic PVA water glue paper tube labeling machine,Paper tube labeler with water-based PVA adhesive

Cheap cold glue paper tube labeling machinelabels gluing machine


Work flow:

Glue the label on labels gluing machine—-put the glued label on conveyor–put the paper tube into the mould–click button to circle–automatic stick label arround paper tube—Put paper tube out of the mould manually.


This machine is suitable for paper tube paper stickers with a diameter of 50-150mm. It mainly uses PVC hydroclasses to medium, evenly coated on the copper plate, and attract the paper tube around the paper tube. No pleat, flat paste.
Semi-automatic operation, simple mechanical structure is easy to operate.
It can be flexible to customize the diameter of the paper tube and the maximum label length.
The gum roller can be debugged, and the glue is evenly applied to the paper surface.
Transmit the suction device to transport the paper smoothly and not skew.
Circulating glue grooves, interjunction heating and temperature control systems ensure glue viscosity.
The set time is warming, enhance the production efficiency, cycle cleaning system, the machine cleaning within 2 minutes is extremely convenient.
Variable frequency debugging can be skilled according to the production worker.

Technic Parameters
Max width of gluing 300-400-500-650mm(Can be customized into 1meter)
Max Thickness of glue 300grams
Labels feeding speed 23meters per min
Motor power 0.37KW
Over demession(MM) 1000*850*350
Weight 120kg
Heating Power 0.4kw

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