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Project Description

BKTC-200L vertical milk cooling tank

BKTC-200L vertical milk cooling tank


Milk cooling tank is the main form a complete set of farm mechanization milking equipment, more suitable for the manual milking farms and milk collection station, cooling collection store dairy milk. Mainly used for cooling and storage of fresh milk, also can be stored cooling and other liquid materials. Straight wall cooling large area, through the automatic control system, one pace reachs the designated position observation operation, cause the cold milk quickly dropped to the required temperature constant temperature ℃ and renewal. Prevent bacterial breeding, to keep the original milk in A state of grade A milk.

Technic Parameters
ModelVolumerefrigeration(W)Refrigerating mediumTemperature propertiesSpeed of agitatormatched powerVoltage
BK-AS200L2PMiller plate18n/≤2℃36r/min0.55220V
BK-2AS2000L15500R2218n/≤2℃36 r/min5.52×220v
BK-3AS3000L17700R2218n/≤2℃36 r/min5.53×380v
BK-4AS4000L17700R2218n/≤2℃36 r/min5.53×380v
BK-5AS5000L19900R2218n/≤2℃36 r/min6.53×380v
BK-6AS6000L21100R2218n/≤2℃36 r/min7.53×380v
BK-8AS8000L23300R2218n/≤2℃36 r/min7.53×380v
BK-10AS10000L25500R2218n/≤2℃36 r/min7.53×380v

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