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Project Description

BKTE-130L vacuum emulsifying tank with homogenizer

BKTE-130L vacuum emulsifying tank with homogenizer


This equipment put The homogenizer in the bottom, it can increase power, particularly effective to high viscosity of boring.It can lift up and down freely, convenient cleaning, can discharge, at the bottom of the discharging mouth.
1-Composite scraper impeller, suitable for all kinds of complex formula, to optimize functions.
2-Ptfe scraper, cater to agitation tank shape, scrape the pot wall material.
3-In pieces at the bottom of the homogeneous, 11 kw motor power, the stirring power: 4 kw, more complete, more effective.
4-Fluid to shear, grinding, centrifugal, and thus to ensure that the paste is exquisite, smooth.Pot body surface polishing of 300 mesh, in line with the GMP standard
5-The equipment for single vacuum emulsifying pot, pan without oil phase and water phase.The machine don’t need to be heated.
6-The vacuum pump power: 2.2 KW

Technic Parameters
ModelMainly port volume(L)Over dimession(mm)Totel power(KW)
BKTE series 130 2800×1000×2240~309018

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