BKTE-2T Cosmetic cream vacuum emulsifying stir series2018-01-05T03:38:59+00:00

Project Description

Cosmetic cream vacuum emulsifying stir series,high viscosity mixing tank with vacuum system

high viscosity mixing tank with vacuum systemhigh viscosity mixing tank with vacuum system


Vacuum emulsifying mixer is mainly suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical, biological, and other industries of cosmetic cream, cream, gel, the production of high viscosity mixed products, the viscosity under 100000 cp cream, cream or gel material, homogeneous under the negative pressure and positive pressure condition, emulsification, shear, mixing, dispersion.Slow blender work on macroscopic turbulence formation, involve all material tank in mixed;On microscopic high speed homogenizer do fine processing on material and drive the whole circular flow from top to bottom, through three agitator binding to get high quality products.The equipment design, manufacture national standards fully meet the requirements of GMP.Equipment have steam or electric heating two kind of way, cooling temperature set according to the requirements of customers.

Technic Parameters
NO. Component
1 Emulsification
2 Oil and water pot
3 Rack
4 Drive system
5 Stirring system
6 Vacuum plant
7 Hydraulic lifting system
8 Heat and cooling system
9 Dumping device
10 Working platform
11 Electrical apparatus control system

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