BKTE-500L Fixed vacuum homogeny emulsion2018-01-05T03:38:59+00:00

Project Description

BKTE-500L Fixed vacuum homogeny emulsion



This equipment is focus on vacuum deaeration, stirring, homogeneous emulsion, heating, electric control, and other functions into an organic whole, is the production of high-grade paste, honey class ideal equipment, this equipment by vacuum homogeneous emulsifying pot, pan with oil phase (optional), water pot (optional), operating platform, vacuum system, pressure system, etc.

Technic Parameters

1, Adopting the frequency control of motor speed, stirring mixing linear velocity at 0 – adjusted within 60 r/min, meet different process requirements
2, advanced homogenizer, the use of advanced technology, unique structure, superior efficiency
3, simple operation, better emulsifying homogenic effect
4, all parts contacting material adopt import stainless steel, container surface mirror polishing 300 emsh (health), conform to the hygienic requirements
5, vacuum, vacuum deaeration, under the vacuum state to complete the whole process, no cell infection, extend the shelf life of products.

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