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Project Description

200L Wax Mixing tank with heater and plat,Chocolate candy processing equipment, small mixing machine,lipstick heating mixing tank


1, It is suitable for the mixing of different materials.Such as production of laundry detergent, shampoo, shower gel, mutual mixed mucous, dissolving and mixing.
2, set heating, stirring, temperature control, frequency control of motor speed to blow wall cooling, and other functions in one body.
3, stir all adopt imported motor, Taiwan in frequency control of motor speed.
4, the heating or cooling material according to different process requirements.
5, optional vacuum pump, vacuum pump bubble.
6, equipped with electric control cabinet, convenient and comprehensive monitoring equipment operation.

Applicable products:
1. The cosmetics industry: creme, shaving cream, shampoo, toothpaste, cold cream, cold bask in frost, foam cleanser, nutrition, detergent, shampoo, hair cream, hair conditioner, essence, moisturizing cream, hand cream, etc.
2.Daily chemical product:
Laundry detergent production, hand sanitizer, clean lavatory net, automotive glass of water, wax etc.
3. The pharmaceutical industry:
Emulsion, emulsion, cream (oil), oral syrup, oral liquid, etc.
4. The food industry:
Sauce, cheese, nutrient solution, baby food, chocolate, sugar, etc.
5.Chemical industry:
Latex, sauce, saponification products, paint, paint, resin, adhesives, lubricants, etc.

Technic Parameters
NO.Part nameConfigurationRemark
1Mixing type:rotaryPaddle stir 0-80RPM,Powder:1.5KWFrenquency speed adjsutable
2OperationNormal pressure
3Emptying materal byStainless steel butterfly valve
4Caps-open typeactivity flip cap
5Temperature showElectrical resistance temperature(less than or equal to 140degree)
6Heat and cool typeHeat by electric,cool by tap water
7Design parameter
Jacket operation pressure0.25MPA
Temperature in tank≤100℃
Design volumn250L(Full volumn)
8Inner potMaterial:SUS304L,g:3mm
Outer tankMaterial:SUS304L,g:3mm
9PolishingInner por and outer surface>


10Scaffold and platformSpread pattern aluminum stainless steel stents
11Electric control box304#SUS
12MotorSiemens joint venture
FrequencyTaiwan delta
Heat powder2pcs 6KW
Note: the main electrical components are all made of delixi brands components.

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