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BKTP Series Aluminum alloy single punch tablet machine,pills pressing machine,sugar tablet machine

1.5L T single punch tablet machine-aluminium alloy  


Single-punch tablet machine, can be compressed into a powder raw materials tablets, materials filling depth, tablet thickness can be adjusted. Can be widely applied to pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, hospitals, research institutes, laboratory trial production and small batch production. The tablet press is characterized by a small bench-top electric continuous tabletting machine that can also be hand-cranked and extruded tablets with an average thickness and high gloss without polishing. The machine performance, adaptability, easy to use, easy to maintain, small size, light weight, no electricity can also be hand pieces. Tablet thickness, pressure, and so can be adjusted according to actual needs, can be customized according to customer needs all kinds of round, shaped, lettering Die. Can adapt to the pharmaceutical industry to suppress a variety of Chinese and western medicine Zhengyan requirements and chemical industry to suppress the requirements of various tablet products.

Single-punch tablet press can suppress traditional Chinese medicine tablets, western medicine tablets, chewable tablets, calcium tablets, buccal tablets, spirulina tablets, milk tablets, candy tablets, effervescent tablets, mothballs (ball health), aromatic tablets, , Disinfection tablets, catalysts, fertilizer tablets, pesticide tablets, button batteries, electronic components, such as ceramic powder metallurgy powder. Single punch tablet machine for laboratory or small batch production of various tablets, tablets, tablets and so on. Is a small desktop electric (manual) continuous tablet machine, machine fitted with a punch, the depth of filling material, tablet thickness can be adjusted.

Single punch tablet press process:

1, rising on the red, lower red down;

2, feed boots transferred to the mold ring, the boots full of particles filled hole;

3, feed the boots to leave the die shift, while the red down, the particles pressed into tablets;

4, up and down the red have been rising, the next punch the tablet from the hole in the top to the bottom of the tablet and the ring above flush;

5, the feed boots transferred to the top of the mold circle pushed down the tablet die sink into the receiver, while under the red and down. Die hole is full of particles; Tablet weight and hardness (ie pressure size) can be adjusted by the regulator. Under the red down to the lower the greater the increase in die hole capacity can be used to increase the weight of the tablet; conversely the law is less, the thinner the more the lighter the tablet, but in any case must use a film regulator so that the next punch Up to the top, a total of top must be modeled on the platform. Lower on the red lower, the greater the pressure, so the harder the tablet; the other hand, the higher the pressure is lower, the more the tablet is loose.

Technic Parameters
NO. of Mould(pcs)1111
Max tablet dia(mm)12121825
Max tablet pressure(kn)15155060
Max Fill depth(mm)11111618
Max tablet thickness(mm)6666
Motor Power(KW)0.370.550.751.5
Motor Speedr/min)1400140014001400
Over Demession(mm)530*360*590580*450*625650**500*700750*390*695
Main machine weightkg)4595125165

① tabletting method: electric tablet, but also manually tabletting. Single punch tablet machine features:

② Applications: Medical tablets, food tablets, chemical tablets, pesticide tablets, veterinary tablets and so on.

③ tablet quality: tablet surface smooth, uniform weight.

④ production: electric compression tablets can produce 4000-6000 pieces per hour.

⑤ low raw material loss (the minimum amount of experimental raw materials is only 200 grams).

⑥ native tablet weight, thickness and hardness can be adjusted, as long as the replacement of different molds can suppress different products.

⑦ can be customized according to user requirements all kinds of special-shaped mold, such as: round, oval, triangle, square and other shaped mold.

⑧ do not have professional operating skills, do not have professional and technical personnel, ordinary employees will be learned, an operation can get started, electric manual tabletting, making the machine easier to operate.

⑨ tabletting machine made of cast iron, the mold after heat treatment, the use of a long time.

6T tablet sample(20MM dia size):

Dia 20mm pastilla pez-

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