BKVC-2M Tabletop vacuum capper for Laboratory2018-01-05T03:38:58+00:00

Project Description

Tabletop vacuum capper for Laboratory,Semi automatic vacuum sealing machine,Manually vacuum screw machine



Intelligent vacuum screw capping machine, it USES the rotation of the pneumatic actuator, and through the air pressure drive screw LIDS on the plate cylinder reciprocating movement back and forth, so as to control the rising and falling, the reciprocating movement of the horizontal cylinder control clip bottle mould and then complete machine working.After the cap screw, screw LIDS back automatically rise, it can effectively avoid wear caps.Also it means it enter the next bottle caps, effectively reduce the labor intensity and ensure the quality of the screw cap.

Technic Parameters
           Model                               BKVC-2M
          Voltage                      220/380V   50/60HZ
          Power                                  1kw
        Bottle caps dia:                              20-75mm
      Bottle height                              60-180mm

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