Manual Aluminum Flip-off caps sealing machine in perfect crimp shape2023-05-25T10:37:55+00:00

Project Description

BKSC-R Manual Aluminum Flip-off caps sealing machine,Pharmaceutical sealing equipment,Flip off Vial capper

bksc-r-aluminum-caps-vials-manual-capping-machineManual Aluminum Flip off caps sealing machine


This Manual Aluminum caps sealing machine is my company developed for scientific research institutes as well as small production units and design, this machine can be sealed rolling cover as for workbench, it is suitable for various preparation medicine sealing function, widely used in medicine, pharmacy, chemical industry, light industry and scientific research departments and so on.

Technic Parameters
Name Semi automatic capping machine
Range of application 1,2,5,10,20 ml Bottles sealing
Production ability 20-40 bottles/minute
Motor power 220V 50Hz 90W
External dimension 350*260*650mm

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